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This group includes favorites like Bird of Paradise and Red Ginger but we don't stop there. Floral Resources has an eye-popping selection of Bromeliad, Calathea, White Bird of Paradise, Palm Flowers and Novelty Gingers.

  • Bird of Paradise (Standard, Medium, Long, Super Long)

    Bird of Paradise
  • Calathea: Rattlesnake,Cigar,Wheat

    Rattle Snake Wheat
  • Costus Barbatus (Ginger)

  • Jungle King (Ginger)

  • Pink Ginger and Red Ginger (Standard. Medium, Long)

    Pink Ginger Red Ginger
  • Shampoo or Beehive Ginger, Chocolate Beehive (Ginger)

    Shampoo or Beehive
  • Wax Ginger (Indonesian)


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