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This group is amazing. Protea come in so many forms, colors and textures that they were named after the Greek god who could change his appearance at will. There are more than 1,400 known varieties. The types domesticated and bred for the cut flower industry are excellent. Protea are long lasting and ship well even in colder weather. Several varieties lend themselves to use in dried arrangements.

  • King (Standard, Fancy, Select)

    Protea King
  • Pink Mink (Standard, Fancy, Select)

    Protea Pink Mink
  • Naiobe (Standard, Fancy, Select)
  • Pink Ice (Standard, Fancy, Select)

    Protea Pink Ice
  • Banksia (Standard, Jumbo)

    Protea Banksia
  • Duchess
  • Hybrid Minks
  • Mayday
  • Sugarbush

    Protea Sugarbush
  • Pincushions (Designer, Short, Standard, Select, Premium, Jumbo)

    Protea Pincushion
  • Protea Foliage: Assorted Leucadendron (Standard, Large)

    Protea Foliage

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