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With a vast array of colors and incredible vase life, Anthurium are one of the most popular tropical flowers. Over 12 million stems are shipped annually from Hawaii.

We grow the most consistent, high quality flowers found anywhere and we continue to develop new and spectacular cultivars for you.

Colors range from the many hues of red to the bi-colored obakes, green midori and subtle shades of pink, peach, and purple. Amnicola anthurium, commonly called "Tulip" Anthurium, because of their tulip shape, are one of our specialties. No matter what the occasion, there will always be an Anthurium cultivar that will be the perfect choice.

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Our home, the Big Island of Hawaii, has long been called the Orchid Island. The name is well-deserved. We have an outstanding selection of cut sprays and potted orchid plants. Cut varieties include Dendrobium, Oncidium, Cymbidium and Phalaenopsis. Potted varieties include Dendrobium, Yellow Gower Ramsey Oncidium, Fragrant Sharry Baby Oncidium, Degarmoara, Phalaenopsis and a myriad of unique hybrids.

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Lei Items

Hawaiian Lei are a favorite everywhere. Lei giving and lei wearing make any event special. In recent years, leis have become the must-have item at graduations and Tropical theme parties. We offer several styles and colors crafted from Dendrobium Orchid, Vanda Orchid, Maile and Ti Leaf. These lei types have been selected to ship well and hold well. Loose orchid blooms are also available. Our lei are handmade to order.

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This group includes favorites like Bird of Paradise and Red and Pink Ginger, but we don't stop there. Floral Resources has an eye-popping selection of Bromeliad, Calathea, White Bird of Paradise, Palm Flowers and Novelty Gingers.

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Colorful, bold and unusual, Heliconia are a focal point for any arrangement. Popular hanging varieties include Sexy Pink, Collinsiana and the "fuzzy" varieties, Shogun and Villerigera. Upright varieties range from dainty Psittacorum to the stately Caribaea. Our personal favorites are the new hybrids, Tropic Fleur and Guadeloupe. They're the right size for just about everything!

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This group is amazing. Protea come in so many forms, colors and textures that they were named after the Greek god who could change his appearance at will. There are more than 1,400 known varieties. The types domesticated and bred for the cut flower industry are excellent. Protea are long lasting and ship well even in colder weather. Several varieties lend themselves to use in dried arrangements.

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What can we say? Hawaii is blessed with an abundance of foliage. A stroll through our foliage department is truly inspiring. Some of our foliage is collected from natural stands of wild Bamboo Orchid, Lycopodium and Fern. Our Hawaiian Podocarpus is now a staple in many U.S. Markets. Hardy and easy to use, it's a winner.

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