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Lei Items
Hawaiian Lei are a favorite everywhere. Lei giving and lei wearing make any event special. In recent years, leis have become the must-have item at graduations and Tropical theme parties. We offer several styles and colors crafted from Dendrobium Orchid, Vanda Orchid, Maile and Ti Leaf. These lei types have been selected to ship well and hold well. Loose orchid blooms are also available. Our lei are handmade to order.
  • Leis Dendrobium (Single, Double)

    Dendrobium Lei
  • Leis Vanda (Single, Mauna Loa)

    Vanda Lei
  • Maile Lei

    Maile Lei
  • Ti Leaf Leis (Simple, Simple w/ 3 Ti Rosettes, Maile Style Ti)

    Ti Leaf Lei
  • Vanda Blooms
  • Dendrobium Blooms

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