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What can we say? Hawaii is blessed with an abundance of foliage. A stroll through our foliage department is truly inspiring. Some of our foliage is collected from natural stands of wild Bamboo Orchid, Lycopodium and Fern. Our Hawaiian Podocarpus is now a staple in many U.S. Markets. Hardy and easy to use, it's a winner.

  • Anthurium Leaves (Standard, Medium)

    Anthurium Leaves
  • Areca Palm (Standard, Medium, Large)

    Areca Palm Leaves
  • Bamboo Logs (Standard, Large)

    Bamboo Green Bamboo
  • Bamboo Orchid Foliage

    Bamboo Orchid Foliage
  • Banana/Heliconia Leaves

    Banana Leaf
  • Bird of Paradise Leaves (Mini, Standard, Large)

    Bird of Paradise Leaf
  • Calathea Leaves (Medium, Large)

    Calathea Leaves Calathea Leaves
  • Diffenbachia

  • Dracaena - Massangeana, Warneckii

    Dracaena Massangeana Dracaena Warneckii
  • Elkhorn Fern

  • Fern Curl (Tree Fern "Kakuma")

  • Fern Shoot (False Staghorn "Uluhe")

    Fern Shoot
  • Fishtail Palm - Frondlette, Frond

    Fishtail Palm Fishtail Palm - close up
  • Hala Leaves (Standard, Long, X-Large)

    Hala Leaves
  • Laua'e Fern

    Laua'e Fern
  • Lycopodium

  • Maranta Leaves

    Maranta Leaves
  • Monstera (Mini, Standard, Medium, Large, X-Large)

  • Papyrus

  • Phoenix Palm (Standard, Medium, Large)

    Phoenix Palm
  • **Podocarpus

  • Pothos

  • Queen Sago (Standard, Medium, Large)

    Queen Sago
  • Raphis Palm

    Raphis Palm
  • Sago Palm (Standard, Medium, Large)

    Sago Palm
  • **Song of India Tops (Standard, Medium, Large)

  • Ti Leaves - Green or Red

  • Ti Leaves - X-Large Green "Hula Skirt"

  • Ti Leaves - Novelty
  • **Ti/Dracaena Tops (Standard, Large)

  • Whaleback Palm

    Whaleback Palm
** Indicates a propagatable item requiring pre-shipping inspection. These particular items are not shipped to the State of Arizona.

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